A Quick Look at Topaz vs. Yellow Sapphire

Topaz looks a lot like yellow sapphire, although it is not as rare or valuable. Yellow topaz is also much more intense than the lightly colored yellow sapphire. If you want the look alone, buying a topaz and diamond ring is a no-brainer. There are even enough varieties of it if you ever wanted to switch colors.

Yellow Sapphire vs. Topaz

  • Yellow sapphire has a light yellow color and is also more transparent than topaz, which is a deep yellow with significant brightness.
  • Topaz is not rare in any way, because you can find it almost anywhere on the world. Yellow sapphire, on the other hand, is highly limited in regional availability.
  • Topaz is a semi precious stone, which makes it a very valuable gem to have, but it pales in that respect when compared to yellow sapphire, which is one of the main precious gemstones besides jewelry diamonds.
  • Topaz is not one of the stones which many people believe has potent astrological powers, which yellow sapphire certainly is.
  • Yellow sapphire has a much higher specific gravity than topaz.
  • Yellow sapphire is usually appraised significantly higher than topaz.
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