A Quick Look at Modern Engagement Rings

Vintage rings have had a massive surge in popularity with millenials, although most couples these days are in search of something modern. However, with the industry definition of “modern” being somewhat vague, it is easy to get confused as to what constitutes modern diamond rings.


What is a Modern Ring?

Modern engagement rings are not just contemporary, as some might think. The modern part refers to a resemblance with architectural and graphic styles of the same type. Among rings, the modern look has to do with clean, bold lines. Modern rings typically use the channel setting for diamonds, although this is not the only style available. Multiple diamonds are used in the ring setting.

Some of the more popular modern ring styles are the channel-set princess cut setting, the baguette diamond setting, and the two-tone setting. Modern rings are bold in the way they look and are meant to match bold personalities.

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