A Preview of the Blood Diamonds Documentary

A Preview of the Blood Diamonds Documentary

In several African nations, diamonds are seen as a ticket to supremacy, riches, and ultimate power. For this reason, there are conflicts happening over anything as common as 9ct diamond rings.



Blood Diamonds is a documentary that brings out this ugly side of the diamond industry. The documentary enlightens the public regarding the several things that remained hidden to the common man.

One of the main subjects touched by the made-for-TV documentary series is the human cost of illegal diamond traffic. Since diamonds are small and very hard to detect, they are easy to smuggle. Hence, these are used by warlords and local leaders to earn and fund wars.

The documentary explains the facts that lead to violence amongst various groups. It speaks of the details involved in smuggling deals and throws light on the link between diamonds and violent battles. It also highlights the measures that are commonly taken to alleviate the problem of mutual conflicts. In short, the documentary gives us a deep insight into the world of gemstones and diamonds in Africa.

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