A Look at the Stunning Sapphire

A Look at the Stunning Sapphire

Below is a look at why this is the favorite engagement ring gem after diamonds.

Sapphires are primarily blue, and in fact get the name from the Greek translation of the word. It comes in a wide range of colors, from the deep royal blue, to cornflower blue, to pale blue. The first is every jeweler’s favorite because it is the most popular hue of the stone in existence. Other colors of sapphire include pink, green, yellow, and purple.

The most alluring thing about sapphires is that they are pleochroic, or able to change intensity based on the angle of viewing. This lends these stones a unique sort of layering that few would fail to appreciate. They can be worn in endless ways, with the setting and cut kept simple, overstated or anywhere in between.

Plenty of families pass on heirlooms down their generations that feature sapphire as the main stone, which shows how popular the gem has remained through the centuries. Sapphires also make for beautiful statement pieces, prompting a lot of buyers to pair them with jewelry diamonds on the rings they pick out.

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