A Helpful Guide to Purchasing a 2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

It is difficult to get a 2-carat diamond ring from a jeweler and you may be presented with limited options. This can prevent you from getting a properly sized diamond for your ring.



Due to the larger size of 2-carat diamonds, it is also important to consider its clarity. Choosing a 2-carat diamond with VS2 clarity is preferred to minimize any inclusions in the diamonds interior from getting visible. The cut is another characteristic that can clearly determine the sparkle and brilliance exhibited by the diamond. Always go for a quality cut diamond because this will help you in getting a 2 carat stone within reasonable pricing and brilliance for setting on an engagement ring.

If you prefer any color in a 2-carat diamond then you can choose color grading G or higher. This brings out the color hues by hiding any yellow traces in the diamond. Moreover, you also need to ensure that you purchase a 2-carat diamond for your ring that comes with all the necessary certifications like those made by the GIA.

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