A Guide to Shopping a Heart Shaped Diamond Wedding Ring

A Guide to Shopping a Heart Shaped Diamond Wedding Ring

If you admire the design and plan to shop for a heart-shaped diamond wedding ring, given below are three things you need to consider while buying one.




Ring Settings

Settings are very important to secure your ring’s center stone firmly. The most popular settings are prong settings and bezel settings. You can choose a five-prong setting for your heart-shaped diamond wedding ring if you wish to expose the heart cut diamond to the maximum; else, consider a bezel setting that encircles the edge of the stone completely.

Diamond Accents

A heart shape diamond looks good enough when it stands alone in a solitaire setting. However, if you prefer bolder looks for your heart-shaped diamond ring, you can opt for a ring with diamond accents. Diamond accents are provided either as pave diamonds throughout the band or as a single or double halo around the centerpiece.

Band Metal

Platinum, yellow gold, and white gold are among the top choices of band metals for all kinds of diamond rings. Some people prefer rose gold bands too, and that is a cool option for a heart-shaped diamond ring. For colored heart cut diamond, you can go for a white gold or platinum band, while a yellow gold band will be perfect for contrasting colors.

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