A Guide to Rose Diamond Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Band

The color of rose is beautiful, and you can opt for a rose gold band for your rose diamond engagement rings. When it comes to the choice of tones, it is available anywhere between soft pink tones to darker shades. You can choose a solitaire ring in which the pink tone of the band metal dominates.



Rose Cut Diamond

If not the color, the next thing to try is the shape of a rose. For this, you can simply buy a ring with rose cut diamond. Though rose cut diamonds have only 24 facets and give only a little brilliance and fire when compared to that of round brilliant and other cuts, these are still unique and beautiful.

Rose Setting

If you are not satisfied with the above two choices, the third try would be going for a diamond engagement ring with rose settings. You can opt for an antique floral setting, or have a floral arrangement on the band with accent round stones.

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