A Guide to Buying Skinny Band Diamond Ring

It is necessary that you select an appropriate stone size and ring settings to make it look elegant and secured at the same time. Given below are a few ideas you can try.


Go for Solitaire Beauty

Skinny bands are known to highlight the central solitaire diamond better than any other designs. Less metal often means the center of attraction is at the main stone. Any stone shape like round cut, oval cut, heart cut, etc., would go well with this.

Choose a Less Carat Weight

Even though 0.75 carats is the average carat size for most engagement diamond rings, these stones might look too big on the skinny bands. Therefore, you can opt for a 0.5-carat stone that provides a minimalistic style yet with a good grace.

Find the Right Settings

In a skinny band diamond ring, the center stone is the most important part, and hence, it needs to be secured using appropriate settings. For this, you can either choose a four prong settings or go for a six prong settings.

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