A Guide to Black Diamond and White Diamond Rings

Black diamond and white diamond rings are very popular as far as diamond ring choices go, with the latter being highly dominant in jewelry shops. Due to the rarity and uncommon nature of black diamonds, some people might think that all black diamonds are not real diamonds. However, you must be aware of the fact that black diamonds are natural diamonds just like the white diamonds, although artificial ones are available too.

Black diamond and white diamond rings have quite a huge difference with respect to the look and quality usually found. Black diamonds are made of carbon; they absorb light and are not transparent due to their distinct structure and presence of many inclusions. These diamonds are known to have originated in the Earth’s crust like its white counterparts. However, some scientists believe that black diamonds came from space and originated from an asteroid millions of years ago.

At present, natural black diamonds are mined only in Africa and Brazil. Due to its limited availability, some vendors may take another diamond color and treat them artificially to obtain black colors. However, this does not mean that all black diamond stones are artificial. Sometimes, natural black diamonds are also treated in a lab to obtain an intense black color, but this does not make them artificial. They are rare though, and very expensive to boot.

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