A Few Fascinating Facts about 18k Gold Diamond Rings

A Few Fascinating Facts about 18k Gold Diamond Rings

An 18k gold diamond ring is one of the best choices available to customers who are looking for a highly durable ring that will last for a lifetime. Most of the 18k gold diamond rings in the market is also suitable for everyday wear but they still require minimal care.

The durability of 18k diamonds rings that are made of rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold alloys are pretty similar. However, these diamond rings are not as durable as platinum but they are available at cheap and affordable prices. Moreover, the durability of 18k gold diamond rings is a bit higher than that of palladium diamond rings.

Most 18k gold diamond rings are highly resistant to tarnish and the bands of these rings can be resized or repaired with ease. However, the cost of resizing or repairing 18k gold diamond rings can be a bit high when compared to the repairing and resizing cost of platinum and palladium diamond rings.

The natural color of white gold diamond rings is a soft yellow. However, diamond ring manufacturers add a rhodium plate to these rings in order to improve their reflective shine and make them look bright white in color.

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