A Comparison between VS1 and VVS1 Diamond Engagement Rings

A Comparison between VS1 and VVS1 Diamond Engagement Rings

Anyhow, you must know the exact definitions of both these clarity grades in order to choose the perfect clarity range for your ring.

According to the Gemological Institution of America, there are mainly six diamond clarity grades: Flawless or FL, Internally Flawless or IF, Very Very Slightly Included or VVS, Very Slightly Included or VS, Slightly Included or SI, and Included or I.

As per the chart, it is clear that VVS1 diamond engagement rings offer a better quality gemstone when compared to its VS counterpart. In fact, in the case of a VVS1 diamond, the inclusion or flaws will be so minute that even a diamond expert may fail to spot it with the naked eye. They will have to use diamond loupes or magnifiers to barely spot them.

When it comes to VS diamond clarity, it will also be hard to spot any flaws in it with your naked eyes since they will be really microscopic. However, it will be easier for the diamond experts to spot them with or without a diamond loupe. Obviously, the number of flaws will be more in VS diamonds when compared to the stones in VVS1 diamond engagement rings.

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