A Buyer’s Guide to Pillow Diamond Engagement Rings

A Buyer’s Guide to Pillow Diamond Engagement Rings

Nowadays, almost every couple desire some sort of surprise elements or designs for their diamond engagement rings so that it stands out. Fortunately, there are many diamond ring shapes, which offer a distinct appeal to your engagement charms, such as a pillow diamond ring.



Why Consider Pillow Diamond Rings

Pillow diamond engagement rings, which are popular in antique diamond ring styles, are ideal for all those couples who desire a timeless design with a modern touch. A pillow diamond ring displays a square shape with rounded corners in order to offer a romantic and stylish look. This unique shape also provides a pillow or cushion feeling to the gemstone; hence, how it got the name. The main advantage to choosing a cushion diamond ring is the brilliance that the stone displays because of its large facets.

There is a wide range of designs for pillow diamond engagement rings. For instance, consider a classic design is one of the simplest and elegant types of setting. Here, a brilliant cushion diamond is secured at the center of a platinum ring using a traditional prong setting, and the diamond ring band is kept simple in order to highlight the center stone. This type of diamond ring design is desirable for a couple who are in favor of striking solitaire diamond ring settings.

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