A Buyer’s Guide to Channel Diamond Rings

A Buyer’s Guide to Channel Diamond Rings

Note that there are different types of diamond ring settings available, each suited to safeguarding gems of certain shapes and cuts.

One of the most popular settings you will encounter is the channel diamond ring setting. Here, the gemstones are tightly packed into the grooves of a channel on the ring band. However, you cannot set bigger diamonds into a channel setting.

A channel diamond ring is ideal for couples who lead an active lifestyle since the gemstones sit flush with the band. Furthermore, there is no need of additional prongs for security, which means no fear of it snagging on clothing or other fabrics. Additionally, it also offers a stylish elegance that’s hard for other settings to match.

In most cases, a channel diamond ring is used in a stackable diamond ring, eternity ring, or diamond ring enhancer. If you prefer, you can also prong-set a diamond at the center of a ring and accent this using the channel-set diamonds on the band.

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