A Brief History of Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings

Obviously, it was one featuring an uncut diamond, because methods to cut the gemstone were only invented centuries later. However, one cannot tell if someone gifted the diamond ring to her as a symbol of love, or she came by it through other means.

The value of diamonds appreciated in people’s minds after methods to cut a gem was invented during the 16th Century. There is documented the history of a diamond engagement ring that featured in the marriage ceremony of Italian couple Costanzo Sforza and Camilla D'Aragona in 1475. An illustration of this depicts a diamond ring with two burning torches above it.

                                                                    The History Of Diamond Engagement Rings

After mainstream diamond cutting was first invented in the Sixteenth Century, people started wearing diamond engagement and wedding rings a great deal. The diamonds as engagement rings history owes a lot to the tools and practices used to cut facets into a gem. It was around this time that diamond cutters started shaping and polishing stones into different styles.

Modern variations of these cuts feature even in today’s diamond rings, such as rose cut diamonds set in a precious metal band. The rose cut is the earliest of the diamond cuts and can be seen in antique jewelry sold today.

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