5  Stone Ideas for your Asscher Diamond Ring

5 Stone Ideas for your Asscher Diamond Ring

The Asscher cut diamond has a beautiful geometric pattern which is why its preferred by those who like a somewhat different pattern of stone. If you are considering buying an Asscher cut diamond ring, below are some side stones you can pair it with in order to increase the overall aesthetic of your ring.

Trapezoidal Elegance

Trapezoid shaped side stone are not often seen on the market. However, these unique cut shapes can make excellent side stones that match very well when paired with Asscher cut diamonds.

Beauty of Baguettes

Baguettes are definitely a popular side stone choice. This beautiful step cut stone will give a stunning look when placed on either side of the centerpiece on an Asscher cut diamond ring.

Dainty Dots

It is necessary that the Asscher cut centerpiece of your diamond ring must be the center of attraction. In this design, tiny gemstones acting as side stone not only give color but also make the centerpiece stand out.

Classic Round Brilliants

A classic and traditional stone cut, the round brilliant cut stones will be a great choice of side stone if you prefer a mix of traditional and contemporary look for your Asscher cut diamond ring.

Colorful Gemstones

If you would like your ring to look colorful, you can consider pairing Asscher cut center stone with colored gemstones as side stones. Emeralds, sapphires, or rubies in a pear cut shape would be a good way to go.

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