5 Settings That Make a Diamond Look Bigger

5 Settings That Make a Diamond Look Bigger

Assuming this is what you want, read on to know more about such settings.

Illusion Setting

Conceived in the 1930’s, this setting uses white metal that is made out in the shape of ripples, which increases the apparent size of a near-colorless diamond set on the band. If you choose this, go with a stone at or under 0.50 carat.

Cluster Setting

This setting packs small, similarly sized diamonds closely together. As a consumer, you will not have to select these diamonds, or worry about their safety, because there will be a lot of metal protecting them.

Halo Setting

This setting places a circle of smaller stones around the center diamond, visually enlarging it. Stones of 0.50 carat or bigger size work best here.

Bezel Setting

Here, the diamond’s girdle is encircled by a band of metal in the bezel setting. This makes the diamond’s circumference look bigger.

Invisible Setting

Small diamonds with groove-cut pavilions are introduced into a delicate wire framework in this setting, making prongs unnecessary and letting the jeweler set the gems against each other.

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