5 Band Styles for Celtic Diamond Rings

Celtic inspired designs are ornate and intricate, yet casual. These swirling designs are much adored by men when it comes to choosing an elegant wedding band. If you are looking for a unique style for Celtic diamond rings for men, try any one of the five beautiful designs given below.

Sailor’s Knot

In this design, two knots are woven into a single design, which symbolizes “two souls becoming one”. Any band metal can be opted for this design, be it yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or platinum.

The Trinity Knot

This band style of Celtic diamond rings features a triangular shaped looped knot design that symbolizes the “interconnection of the three planes of existence: mind, body, and spirit”.

The Love Knot

This unique design features Celtic knots in heart shape woven in the band. This design is ideal for a promise ring, wedding ring, or engagement ring.

Knot and Claddagh

This type of Celtic band combines a Celtic knot pattern with the Irish Claddagh design. Here, Celtic knots along with Irish Claddagh design patterns are laser carved into the band.

Quaternary Celtic Knots

As the name says, it is a Celtic knot featuring four leaf-like sides. Some people claim that it symbolizes the four cardinal directions, the four elements, or the four seasons.

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