3 Unique Diamond Ring Cuts

This is mainly because they wish to wear a diamond ring with a unique and less popular cut.

There are plenty of different options available to you if you are searching for diamond rings with unique cuts. Below are some of the best diamond ring cuts and the Hollywood celebrities who wear diamond rings with such cuts.


The Heart Shaped

The heart shaped cut is considered as the most romantic diamond ring cut and many celebrities including the internationally renowned American singer-songwriter Lady Gaga has a diamond ring with the heart shaped cut.

The Marquise

The marquise cut is a unique diamond ring cut and it is capable of adding more beauty and elegance to the fingers of the wearer. The engagement ring worn by the famous American singer-songwriter, Ashlee Simpson features a marquise cut.

The Pear Shaped

Another diamond ring cut, which is immensely popular among celebrities, is the pear-shaped diamond ring cut. The engagement ring of former Russian professional tennis player, Anna Kournikova is a pink pear-shaped diamond ring.

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