3 Things to Know about Black Diamond Anniversary Rings

Choosing black diamond anniversary rings is one of the most uncommon choices, and because of this, it is a unique idea too. Usually, black diamond anniversary rings have round cut black diamond as center stones. However, princess cuts are also available for larger center stone dimensions. When chosen as a center stone, black diamonds would give your ring nothing less than a stunning look. Paving the bands with tiny round brilliants can even add more aesthetic look.

Buying Black Diamond Rings

Diamonds occur in many varieties of colors including black, brown, red, green, and blue. Black diamonds are actually not truly black, rather they are more opaque and extremely dark. Most of the black diamonds set in a diamond ring are color enhanced, which means that they are treated to get more intense black color.

The price of a black diamond ring may vary according to whether or not the stone is color enhanced. In addition, size and clarity also contribute to the overall cost of the diamond ring. For instance, a 1.62 carat round cut black diamond can cost around $700, while a 1.67 carat radiant cut one can cost around $1500. At the same time, an untreated 1.11 pear cut can have up to $1800 retail value.

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