3 Reasons to Buy an Antique Old Mine Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

An antique mine cut diamond engagement ring is a good pick if you are looking to buy a diamond ring with vintage and antique value. Of the many advantages and uniqueness of the old mine cut, none reach as high as its heavenly appeal. Given below are three reasons why you would consider buying one.


One of the key features of having an antique old mine cut diamond engagement ring is that no other old mine cut diamond looks exactly the same as the one you have. This means that any old mine diamond you own is probably the only piece in the world that has the exact dimensions it does.


With millions of modern cut diamonds trending on the market, handmade old mine diamonds are getting harder to find. In addition to this, old mine diamonds are no longer being cut, and when they were, only a few people were able to afford them.


Yet another feature of an antique old mine cut diamond engagement ring is its charm and glow. When old mine cuts were done, the diamond cutters of the 1900’s did not care about the weight of the diamond. Instead, they focused on the brilliance of the stone, which led to much superior jewelry than what we have now.

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