3 Popular Three Stone Diamond Ring Settings

3 Popular Three Stone Diamond Ring Settings

A three stone setting refers to a ring featuring three gemstones. They all represent the past, present, and future of the relationship of a couple. Although they can be bought in several settings, the more popular three stone rings are those featuring an invisible setting, a pave setting, and a bezel setting.

A bezel set ring is one in which the diamond is encircled by metal on each side, extending a touch above the gemstone’s circumference. The bezel setting holds the center stone securely in place. Thus, the setting is typically fancied by those who wear diamond engagement rings on a daily basis. However, you can also choose a three stone bezel set diamond ring in other styles.

With pave set rings, tiny metal prongs placed close to one another holds the gemstones in between them. In diamond rings with pave setting, the gems are set 0.6 millimeters below the seat in order to the jewelry piece a uniform look. Even though small diamonds are used in pave set rings, the arrangement gives them a larger diamond’s look and feel. This brilliant effect is what tempts customers to purchase the pave set three stone rings too.

An invisible setting, as the name hints, is one that makes the metal of the diamond ring less visible. Unlike the other two settings, no metal claws or beads are used in invisible set rings. Instead, the grooves in each diamond’s girdle slip into the metal framework under the surface, making the metal virtually invisible when viewed from the top.

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