3 Most Popular Diamond Engagement Rings Designs

3 Most Popular Diamond Engagement Rings Designs

Three of those most popular diamond engagement rings designs are given below.

Traditional Elegance

One of the most popular diamond engagement rings is a classic solitaire diamond ring. Here, a solitaire diamond of decent carat weight is displayed at the center of a platinum band by means of a four-prong setting. The simple and thin diamond ring band plays a major role in highlighting the center diamond to the fullest.

Glamorous and Outgoing

If you prefer to daze others with glamour, a high profile setting ring will be just your thing. For this, you may go for a solitaire diamond ring in which the main gemstone is encircled with a halo of melee diamonds. Additionally, embellish your diamond ring band with diamond accents.

Center Stone Setting

There are mainly two options when it comes to center stone setting. In one style,  the center stone will be set high from the finger. Some of those options include a prong setting, cathedral setting, etc. Another style features a setting where the ring sits flush with the finger such as a bezel setting or a trellis ring. The former setting option will be ideal to create a drama, whereas the latter one will be a practical option.

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