3 Famous Wedding Rings of Celebrities

3 Famous Wedding Rings of Celebrities

It can be said that some of the most famous diamond rings in history were worn by Hollywood celebrities and iconic women. The captivating rings worn by these historical figures have urged several women to look for wedding rings with the exact same designs.

The diamond ring worn by Jacqueline Kennedy is considered as one of the best and famous wedding rings ever. The stunning diamond ring, that was gifted to Jackie by her second husband, Aristotle Onassis, was locked in a vault by her after wearing the ring just a couple of times.

The diamond wedding ring that Richard Burton gifted to Elizabeth Taylor is another one of those famous wedding rings. The 3.19-carat Asscher-cut diamond ring was the ideal choice for the delicate fingers of Liz Taylor.

The cushion cut diamond wedding ring that Kanye West gifted to Kim Kardashian can also be considered as one of the famous diamond rings ever. The 15-carat diamond engagement ring instantly grabbed the attention of her passionate followers and the social media was flooded with the buzz about Kim’s diamond ring.

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