3 Famous Celebrity Diamond and Gemstone Engagement Rings

In fact, some of the well-known celebrities usually prefer expensive diamond and gemstone engagement rings to other popular choices.

The engagement ring, which the famous Hollywood actor, Javier Bardem gifted to his longtime girlfriend Penelope Cruz, was a sapphire set oval engagement ring that comes in a flower-shaped diamond halo. The cost of this 3-carat oval stone is estimated to be around 30,000 dollars.

The former NFL star, Eric Johnson proposed to famous American singer, Jessica Simpson by gifting an expensive 5-carat ruby ring to her. The engagement ring, which is flanked by two elegant diamonds, perfectly suits the delicate hands of the singer. Moreover, the birthstone of Jessica Simpson is also ruby.

Jason Sudeikis gifted Olivia Wilde a 6-carat diamond engagement ring, which is encircled in emeralds when he proposed the actress. The halo of emeralds, which elegantly surrounds the diamond engagement ring, is what makes the ring unique and mesmerizing. Jason Sudeikis said that the vintage gem reminded him of Olivia Wilde’s eyes.

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