Factors That Prompt Couples to Buy 1ct Diamond Ring

There are telling differences in terms of allure amongst diamonds bought from different dealers though, besides the price variances, of course. However, a diamond that costs higher may not necessarily translate to being the best fit on the finger.

Note that a 1ct diamond ring gives a measurement of the gemstone’s weight, not its purity. One carat equates to two hundred milligrams of diamond or 0.2 grams, but the weight of diamonds is always measured in carats. When it comes to the pricing aspect, all diamonds have a pre-set price as per the carat weight. For instance, a 0.5ct diamond may carry a price tag in excess of $1000 per each carat. Accordingly, the per-carat price of diamond is subject to raise just as one aims for larger diamond.

A 1ct diamond ring may be priced at a particular per carat such as over $4000, whereas the price tag of a 2ct diamond ring may read in excess of $7000. This is owing to the higher carat weight value associated with the diamond on the ring. Apart from that, there are many more factors, which determine the final price of the 1ct diamond ring than just weight, such as the metal, setting, as well as the cut and clarity of the stone.

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