How the Old European Cut Led to the Round Brilliant?

Cutters made the tables larger and the culets smaller, and also the facets leaner and longer. As a result of this, the modern round brilliant shape was created, and that’s where your 1 carat brilliant cut diamond ring draws roots from.

Older styles like the old mine cuts were done by hand so that their clarity and color would be the maximum possible. The 18th and 19th Centuries were a time when not many diamonds were available to work with, which meant cutters had to be inventive to bring out the best in each stone.

These characteristics combine to provide old stone cuts with a unique sparkle and charm. Both the old European and the modern round brilliant cuts have 58 facets, although there is a difference in the placement and shape of the facets. Vintage diamonds were mainly cut for color, but the round brilliant of today is intended for maximum brilliance. Light should enter the diamond and bounce right back out.

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