How Feng Shui Applies to Solitaire Rings?

A 1 carat blue diamond solitaire ring is considered one of the best jewelry choices when you are following the rules of Feng Shui. It has a single diamond, indicating that the bride is the chosen one for the groom, and also the other way around. The energy from the single stone is clear and strong, which imbues the wearer with clarity of purpose, as well as strength of love.

Pave Setting

When you go with solitaire engagement rings, the pace setting is another choice that Feng Shui favors. This too is because there is a single stone in the middle, which indicates clarity of purpose.

Setting a round diamond in pave could mean that the relationship itself is what matters most to both the bride and the groom. At the same time, the Pave Knife Edge setting would indicate that while there are smaller things in life you could turn to every once in a while, the biggest of them all – the relationship – is what you always have to fall back on.

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