The Art of Pairing Mix & Match Rings

Following are some tips for creating a beautiful mix and match set.

Changing the Placement

If you are using stackable diamond rings, it may be a good idea to place rings on different parts of your fingers. This means you do not have to put each ring at the base of the finger – you can place it on the first or second knuckle instead.

Changing the Size

Stackable rings tend to be thin, so you can put a few on one finger. For a change, you can change the thickness of the rings, as long as one ring does not swallow up adjacent ones. Oversized rings need to be placed alone, and maybe offset with smaller rings on the other fingers.

Mixing Metal Colors

It can look dull if you use the same metal for all of the mix-and-match rings. What you should do instead, is take different colors of the same metal and pair them. This is good with rings that are stacked up.

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