How to Match the Wedding Dress & Jewelry?

Your dress may take on much of the attention, but the 1 carat black and white diamond ring is very important. If you do it right, matching jewelry pieces can make your dress stand out during the occasion as well as in everyone’s memories.

  • Start with the dress. It is easier this way, so get a dress before you move on to the jewelry.
  • Make the metal and the dress match. For instance, rose gold would go very well with a champagne colored dress.
  • Get no more than one statement piece. You may wish to dazzle everyone on your big day, but having several jewelry pieces may cause them to clash with the dress.
  • Blend the styles. You may want to go with either a vintage or a contemporary look. In either case, the style of the diamond jewelry and the dress should match. Modern and traditional styles can also be blended together.
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