RockHer on Huffington Post

RockHer on Huffington Post

How To Market Luxury in A Budget-Conscious World

The Huffington Post December 5, 2017

RockHer’s CEO Jim Vernon has been featured in a Huffington Post article that covers how luxury retailers can market products in a budget-conscious world. He spoke to the news site about how RockHer created our digital gemologist ROSI to build consumer confidence.

“According to Jim Vernon, CEO of RockHer, the company behind the world’s first algorithm and IBM Watson enhanced digital diamond expert, it can be a tricky balance to strike. ‘You can never lose sight of your identity, and what made you who you are as a company,’ Jim explains. ‘But you also can’t stick your head in the sand and ignore the trend towards sales and bargains. What we have done in the creation of this unique algorithm, ROSI, is used technology to enhance the shopping experience. ROSI is programmed to identify the best value for the best diamond for your budget. We have also built a price comparison tool so you can compare the real values of diamonds across competitor sites, as long as the are certified by the GIA.’”

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