Why Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings Are Trending

Why Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings Are Trending

Ariana Grande’s whirlwind engagement to Pete Davidson has everyone talking. But looking at the sparkling ring that announced the couple intends to tie the knot got us thinking: when did pear-shape diamond engagement rings get so hot?

Because not only is Ariana’s ring a very pretty three-carat pear, our Instagram feed is full of famous folks wearing pear shape diamonds, from under 1 carat all the way up to the massive diamonds below.

Why are so many celebrities choosing pear shaped rings? Is it because they are one of the diamond shapes that look the largest? Or that they are one of the diamond shapes that are the least expensive per carat? Maybe! Pear shapes have a lot of great qualities. They are half round brilliant and half marquise shape so they have many of the advantages of each.

The elongated silhouette of a pear-shaped diamond means it will make your fingers look long and elegant. And it’s a mood ring because it can be worn two ways: with the point facing up or the point facing down. Wear it your favorite way or mix it up.

Here are our favorite celebrity pear-shape engagement rings and how their lucky owners wear them.


Ariana Grande

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Ariana’s 3.03 carat pear shaped diamond is set in platinum, with a delicate halo and pave band. Pete had it custom made for her and it reportedly cost $93,000. Ariana wears her pear-shape point-side up.


Cardi B.

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If you think Ariana’s pear-shaped engagement ring is impressive, meet Cardi B. The rapper’s ring from Offset is set with an eight-carat pear-shape worth a cool half a million. It has a rose gold double diamond halo and two more pears on the side. Cardi wears her pear-shape point side up.


Paris Hilton

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How much does Paris Hilton love her pear-shape engagement ring? Just look at photo after photo of her holding her ring next to her face to make sure it’s in the frame. You can’t blame her: it’s a stunning ring with a ten-carat center pear-shaped diamond surrounded by a halo to make it look even bigger. Paris also wears her ring point up.


Margot Robbie

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Margot’s pear shaped engagement ring is much more modest: we estimate two carats on a pave band. Ever the rebel, Margot wears her pear shape with the point down. Does she care what you think about that? I think it’s safe to say she does not.


Katherine Heigl

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Katherine joked that she couldn’t say no to John Kelly’s proposal when she saw the size of her engagement ring. Her pear-shaped diamond is three carats with a halo that makes it look even bigger.


Victoria Beckham

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Victoria’s first engagement ring was a massive marquise-cut diamond. But the former Posh Spice has an impressive collection of many engagement rings (our count is 14 so far.) One of our very favorites is her 17-carat pear shape ring. At that size, there’s no room for a halo, folks. Victoria wears the ring point up.


Anna Kournikova

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Anna is a superstar on the court but her fabulous engagement ring from Enrique Iglesias might outshine her: it’s a stunning 11-carat fancy pink pear-shaped diamond with two trillions on the side. With a saturated pink color, it’s worth $6 million. (It appears Anna also has a fancy yellow radiant cut ring.)


Even More Pears

Did we miss any of your favorite pear-shape rings? How about Zoe Saldana’s beautiful pear-shape emerald engagement ring? Or Jessica Simpson’s engagement ring from Nick Lachey? How about the three-carat pear shape ring that Joe Jonas gave Sophie Turner? Or the five-carat pear shape LeBron James gave to his high school sweetheart Savannah Brinson? Other pear fans include Avril Lavigne, Kaley Cuoco, Princess Charlene of Monaco and Mia Farrow, who received her 9-carat pear from Frank Sinatra.

Feeling inspired? You can let ROSI, the diamond intelligence powered by IBM’s Watson, handle the heavy lifting and find a pear-shaped diamond for your engagement ring in three easy steps.

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