When You Shouldn’t Wear Your Engagement Ring

When You Shouldn’t Wear Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is something you should treasure, but also something that requires special care. Part of that care includes not wearing your engagement ring when it could get tarnished, damaged, or (worst of all) lost. To help you keep your engagement ring safe, here are our tips on the top times you shouldn’t wear your engagement ring.


When You’re By the Water

Being by the water is risky for your engagement ring, whether you’re by a lake, river, or ocean. The ocean is a particularly hazardous place to wear an engagement ring— if your ring slips off into the ocean, you’re not going to see it again. Rivers and lakes are dangerous as well, as an engagement ring would be quite difficult (or impossible) to find in a murky lake or rushing river.

On top of the possibility of losing your ring in the water, you might also damage it. For example, grains of sand on the beach are common culprits of nasty scratches on precious metals and can also get lodged in your setting. Even being in a pool can damage your ring, as the chemicals used to keep pool water clean can easily tarnish ring metals.


When You’re Cleaning

Cleaning is another thing that can put your engagement ring at risk for damage. Cleaners, including common household cleaners, are meant to strip away grime. Unfortunately, they can also strip away the cleaners that keep your stones looking sparkly and can even cause metals to tarnish. Additionally, certain gemstones are more fragile than others and cleaners can cause irreversible damage to less hardy stones.

If you’re taking off your ring before doing some cleaning, remember to put it in a safe place. Don’t set your ring by a sink, where it could easily fall into a drain, causing you to have to do some handiwork or make a call to a plumber to get it back.


When You’re Working Out

Wearing your engagement ring when you’re running or doing another form of cardio is usually fine. However, wearing your ring when you’re lifting weights or playing sports is another story. Both of these work outs put your ring at risk for being impacted, which can bend your band. While diamonds may be tough, precious metals like gold are actually quite soft. Beyond causing damage to the appearance of your ring, a bend in your engagement ring can upset stone settings, leaving you at risk for loose or lost stones.


When You’re Taking a Shower or Bath

When you take a shower or bath, you’re probably also using bath products that could cause build up on your ring. Things like shampoo, conditioner, and soap can all cause the stones on your ring to look murky, especially over time, causing you to have to clean it far more frequently.

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