Platinum vs. Gold Diamond Rings

Platinum and gold diamond rings may look similar to the ones who are new to the world of jewelry shopping. However, the truth is that both these rings are very different even though they share a few similar properties. It is true that both gold and platinum diamond rings are incredibly strong and highly precious metals. However, if you are in search of durable diamond rings, and if you are confused whether to choose platinum or gold diamond rings, then it is best to go for the former. This is because platinum is a lot stronger and durable than gold diamond rings. Note that even though platinum is more durable and stronger than gold, it is the softest of the two. This implies that platinum diamond rings are more prone to scratching when compared to the gold diamond ring. However, the good news is that when platinum is scratched, it develops a patina finish, which will make your ring look like a worn or antique ring. In fact, there are a number of people who love this finish. On the other hand, when gold is scratched, it leaves an ugly mark on the surface of your ring
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