How We Make Your Ring to Order From Scratch

How We Make Your Ring to Order From Scratch

It takes a little longer for quality that will last forever but it’s worth it.

At RockHer, we make each ring we sell from scratch to fit both your diamond and your finger. Making your ring to order in our Los Angeles workshop means we can tailor every detail to fit you and your diamond perfectly.

Most jewelers today don’t make rings from scratch. They start with a stock ring and standard stone setting, then size and assemble the pieces. This saves time and allows them to outsource the manufacturing process. But taking the time to make the ring specifically for you results in a better quality ring, without any seams or weaknesses. It also means we can ensure that every gem and all the metal used in your setting has been responsibly sourced because we do it ourselves.

Here’s how we’ll make your ring. When you choose a diamond and a setting style, our designer goes to the computer and pulls up a three-dimensional CAD model of your ring style. With your finger size and the exact dimensions of your diamond in hand, the designer adjusts every detail of the ring to perfectly proportion it to your finger and the size and shape of your stone.

The prongs are placed at just the right position for the length and width of your gem. The height of the setting is adjusted to your gem’s exact depth. The curve of the band is adjusted and each accent diamond perfectly placed along the curve. The width of the setting is also considered: we make it narrower if you have a small finger and wider if you have a larger finger. Every aspect of the design is balanced to perfectly suit the scale of the gem and your finger.

Then we use a state of the art 3D printer to build a one-of- a-kind resin model specifically for your ring. We create a mold of that model in a plaster-of- paris like substance called investment that is strong enough to stand up to molten metal. Then we melt the model away, leaving its detailed imprint in the investment in an ancient jewelry-making process called lost wax casting.

We melt recycled gold or platinum for your engagement ring in a furnace and pour it into the mold. Then we spin the mold around like a Tilt-a- Whirl to make sure that the metal fills in every tiny detail. We let the casting cool slowly so the metal forms crystals before breaking the mold away and hand-finishing and hand-polishing the ring until it gleams.

We hand-select and hand-set all the side diamonds, working with responsibly-sourced diamonds from our sister company, the Braúna mine in Brazil, which is a showcase for responsible mining principles.

Then one of our master craftsmen will hand-set your center diamond, tightening the prongs carefully to make sure it’s even and secure. We want to make sure it stays sparkling in your ring forever.

When your ring is perfect, and not one minute before, we’ll FedEx it to you quickly. We think waiting a few more days is worth it for a ring you’ll admire forever.

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