How to Properly Clean Your Engagement Ring

How to Properly Clean Your Engagement Ring

Cleaning your engagement ring is the best way to keep it looking as mesmerizing as it did the day you got it. Wearing an engagement ring every day (as most of us do) can lead to a lot of build-up, which can dull the metal and gemstones that make up your ring. There’s really nothing more satisfying than getting rid of that build up and returning your ring to it’s most beautiful, sparkly state. To help you keep your ring looking fresh and shimmery, here’s our guide on how to properly clean your engagement ring.


At Home Engagement Ring Cleaning Tips

Clean Your Ring Weekly: While occasional professional cleanings are necessary to keep your ring as dazzling as possible, cleaning your ring at home in between professional cleanings is also key. For optimal results, it’s best to clean your ring at home about once a week.


The Best Cleaning Method: So, what’s the best way to clean your engagement ring at home? All you really need is a little gentle soap and warm water. First, soak your ring in soap and warm water solution for around 30 minutes. Then, remove your ring from your solution and gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. Afterward, just rinse your ring in warm water, then dry with a soft cloth.


The Best Soaps for Cleaning Your Ring: For your soap and water cleaning solution, a great soap choice is standard dish soap. Shampoo and body wash are also good options. Most gentle soaps are good for cleaning your ring, just be sure to avoid any soaps that would actually encourage build up, rather than removing it, such as moisturizing soaps that might leave a layer of film behind.


Avoid Harsh Cleaning Materials: There are some harsh cleaning materials you should be sure to avoid when cleaning your engagement ring. Don’t use any products that contain acetone, bleach, or chlorine. These are likely to damage the precious metals of your ring, which are usually quite delicate. Additionally, be sure to avoid any abrasive cleaners, including baking soda and toothpaste. These can easily scratch precious metals and can even scratch softer gemstones. Finally, make sure that you don’t use a harsh cloth to clean your ring, including paper towels. If you don’t have any soft cloths handy when cleaning, remember that you can always let your ring air dry.


Just Say No to Gimmicky Cleaning Machines: At home jewelry cleaning machines, the most popular of which is the ultrasonic variety, can actually damage your jewelry’s settings. These cleaning machines work by using vigorous vibrations to clean your jewelry. While this is great for removing dirt and grime, it’s not great for the integrity of your ring settings. These vibrations can loosen stones from their settings, especially delicately set pave stones, causing them to fall out later. These cleaning machines are simply not worth the risks they impose. It’s best to leave the ultrasonic cleanings to your jeweler, as they can easily spot and immediately fix any settings that become loose.


Be Careful Not to Drop Your Ring: This tip is less about cleaning your ring and more about keeping it safe during the cleaning process. When you’re cleaning your ring, you’re likely going to be rinsing it in a sink during the final steps. So, be sure that you don’t drop your ring in any drains, as having to get it back out again will be quite annoying (you may even have to call a plumber). If you’re worried you have unsteady hands, be extra careful and close up your sink’s drain during cleaning.


Professional Ring Cleaning Tips

Don’t Forget Professional Cleanings: At home cleanings are great for keeping your ring beautiful in between professional cleanings but remember that professional cleanings are still necessary to maintain your engagement ring. Professional cleanings can deep clean your ring in a way that’s simply not possible at home. Plus, during a professional cleaning, your jeweler will check to make sure your ring’s settings are in great shape, helping your gemstones stay firmly in place over the years.


Clean Professionally Once or Twice a Year: How often should you get your ring cleaned? The general rule is to take your ring in once or twice a year. However, if you are a little harder on your ring (say, you’re very active or you just don’t like to be precious about when you wear your ring), you might want to go in a bit more often to make sure your ring is sparkling and your settings are secure.



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