Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Career

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Career

Your engagement ring will become part of you, to have and to hold forever. Since you’ll wear it every day, it should be as appropriate for your work as it is for date night and a sunny day in the park. Picking a setting that works as hard as you do at your job is essential. Here are the best engagement ring setting choices for different professions.


Mover & Shaker

You’re in business or finance. You can sell ice cubes in Alaska. You’re going places fast. You need an engagement ring that makes a statement. If you have a ten-carat taste with a two-carat budget, try a style with a double halo. This style has a big presence, making a very nice center diamond into a WOW! You’ll find yourself talking with your hands.



You are are a designer, fashion influencer, or architect. You don’t follow trends, you set them. You need an engagement ring that’s cutting edge. Your engagement ring is set with a fancy shape diamond. Your princess-cut center diamond is set in the most delicate and refined setting, either rose gold or platinum. You’ll love its clean lines forever.



You are an artist. You bake, you embroider, you sculpt, you paint. Your garden is amazing, even if it’s just on a windowsill. Gifts from you are handmade and treasured. You aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty but your ring is another story. You need a streamlined design without tiny nooks and crannies to clean. Your ring has a bezel setting that protects your diamond so you can go on creating without worrying about it.



You open minds in a classroom. You care for the sick, the elderly or children. You often put others first but you’ve earned some sparkle too! Your engagement ring is simple but dramatic, with beautiful curves and twists that celebrate your journey in life. Its shining setting won’t catch on things and slow you down as you bring light to those around you every day.



You are an innovator, a digital guru, an engineer, a coder, a technologist. You have a mind for science and a head for numbers. Your engagement ring is just as brilliant, with angles and proportions calculated to return the maximum amount of light. Your ring is set with an ideal cut diamond. You appreciate its precision and high performance: the way it bends light into a dispersion. Who knew that refraction could be so beautiful?


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