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American-Made Engagement Rings: Better Quality and a Better Deal

American-Made Engagement Rings: Better Quality and a Better Deal

The price of many engagement rings is about to increase. That’s good news. Here’s why.

Thanks to new tariffs, jewelry mass-produced in China will soon cost more. Retailers and wholesalers imported $2.1 billion in Chinese-made jewelry in 2018. The price of cheap engagement ring settings sold at chain stores and big retailers is expected to increase by 20%.

That means engagement rings that are crafted in the United States will now be a much better deal than rings imported from China. That’s better for you because rings made in America are better quality too. Now you will be able to buy an engagement ring that is better quality with superior craftsmanship for virtually the same price.


At RockHer, the quality of our engagement rings is second to none. We make engagement rings to order from scratch in a workshop in Los Angeles. Our craftspeople are professionals with exceptional goldsmithing skills. They are proud of the fine quality workmanship we create every day, making our jewelry to last.

Our American-made engagement rings are created with the latest technology, computer-aided design, and manufacturing, combined with hand craftsmanship. Because we make them one at a time, our engagement rings are made in your exact ring size. We don't have to size them, which is important because sizing weakens the band and loosens the side diamonds. Sizing rings is a major cause of stones popping out of their settings. Because we make our rings in your size, our stones stay firmly where they belong.


When we make our engagement rings to order, small changes like setting a diamond east-west, changing the shape of your side stones, or changing the metal to rose gold can be done at no charge, allowing you to make your ring your own.

Jewelry that’s mass-produced may often look like it's a better deal initially but that cheaper price and lower quality craftsmanship has long-term consequences. White gold plating can wear away, making your ring look dingy. Stones that have been loosened by sizing can fall out and be lost. Carelessly designed prongs can snag on clothing pulling them out of place.

Fast fashion that looks good but doesn’t last is great for your casual wardrobe but is that really the quality you want for your engagement ring?

Now that fast jewelry isn’t even cheaper, you won’t be tempted to save now and pay later. You can also feel good that you are choosing an engagement ring with lasting value (and helping craftspeople in the United States too.) You’ll be able to get an engagement ring that you can love forever.

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