Cheaper Isn’t Better: Compare Diamond Value, Not Just Price

Cheaper Isn’t Better: Compare Diamond Value, Not Just Price

Like everyone, we search for the cheapest Hydroflask, or Nikes on Amazon. But, that's not the way you should search for a diamond (even though we know RockHer’s prices are very competitive.)

Why shouldn’t you buy the cheapest diamond? The diamond quality represented by the basic 4Cs doesn't tell you enough to make the right decision. A diamond's value is a calculation of about 30 different variables, not just the 4Cs: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. You need to sweat the small stuff to get a beautiful diamond (or get artificial intelligence to do it for you.)

When you do a search that ignores the exact proportions of a diamond’s cut and the exact nature and location of its inclusions, you may end up with a diamond that everyone else has passed over. There is usually a reason why a particular diamond is being sold at a discount.

Why do you think a professional diamond dealer is selling a diamond for less compared to the other diamonds that have similar stats? Do you think the dealer is feeling generous? Maybe it’s because there is something wrong with that particular diamond. Maybe, it has an inclusion in an area that reflects in a facet, doubling or tripling it.

Let’s face it, in the world of diamond arbitrage, the market knows what a diamond is worth. Most “deals” are priced that way for a reason. Maybe it’s something you don’t care about but others do, like strong fluorescence or laser-drilled inclusions. In that case, go ahead and make that decision as long as you understand what you are buying.

But maybe that cheap diamond has the right proportions but in the wrong combination so it just doesn't sparkle as much as it should.

When it comes to a diamond's beauty, the cut is the most important from the 4Cs. And to really judge cut you need to look at all the proportions in combination to make sure your diamond returns light to your eye like a hall of mirrors.

That’s why we built ROSI, our diamond artificial intelligence. ROSI does the math of all the combinations of angles and proportions to make sure every diamond she recommends will out-sparkle every other choice available.

ROSI looks for value: the best possible diamond for your budget, weighing all the quality factors and the price. Instead of pouring through spreadsheets looking for a cheap G VS2, ROSI might find you a really great deal on a well-cut H VS1 that is much more beautiful. Or an F VS2 for the same price.

ROSI really shines when it comes to choosing fancy shape diamonds like ovals, cushions, and princess cuts. Fancy shape diamonds are particularly difficult to compare, with more widely varying proportions and length to width ratios, it can make a big difference in a diamond’s appearance. Ovals and pears with the wrong proportions can have dark “bow ties” in the center that are unattractive.

ROSI looks at the proportions of each fancy shape, eliminating those that will be lifeless and dull. You can be confident that your diamond will be beautiful.

What’s the point of a great price on a diamond that isn’t pretty? Rather than focusing on finding the cheapest price, look for real value: you want a beautiful diamond at a good price.

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