The Perfect Wedding Band for Every Superhero

The Perfect Wedding Band for Every Superhero

You may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound but you are a superhero to one special person. You deserve a wedding band that has the magical power to bind two lives into one forever. Which wedding band is right for you? Are you Superman or Batman? Black Panther or the Incredible Hulk?

We’ve got you covered. Here are the right wedding bands for every inner superhero.



yellow gold wedding bandSuperman

You are the strong silent type. You carry her away to the perfect romantic beach in the blink of an eye. You’re always there for her when she needs you. You’re Superman!
Although a wedding band made from a meteorite might have a certain poetic justice, we’d better avoid any material that might contain kryptonite. Your ring is the classic yellow gold wedding band. Yellow gold stands the test of time, just like you. It’s always in fashion. (And if you need to tie up a supervillain, you can stretch a half-ounce of gold into a wire 25 miles long.)



white gold wedding bandBatman

You always have all the latest technology. You spend a lot of time in your man cave. You have secrets, true, but when it comes to love your heart is an open book. You’re Batman! You need a wedding ring that also has a secret identity, so your ring is the white gold wedding band: it looks like cool platinum but it’s really warm yellow gold hidden inside.



platinum wedding bandBlack Panther

You are regal yet humble. You can rock a necklace. You rule your world. You’re the Black Panther! As soon as we get a supply of vibranium, we’re planning a whole new collection of powerful wedding bands for you. But until then, your ring is the platinum wedding band: it has pretty amazing powers as well. When you pick up a platinum ring, you’ll feel the difference: it’s much heavier than gold. It’s hypoallergenic and also incredibly ductile: you can make it into wire thinner than a human hair. And it’s even more rare than vibranium: all the platinum ever mined wouldn’t even fill an Olympic swimming pool.



stainless steel wedding band

Iron Man

Although no one would ever call you humble, you don’t take yourself too seriously. And life with you is never ever boring. You work with your hands as well as your brain. You have nothing to prove so your ring is the stainless steel wedding band: as durable and industrial as your heart. (Or platinum with diamonds because, hey, you’re a billionaire and you deserve the best.)



rose gold wedding band

Captain America

You are selfless and patriotic. Traditional but at home in the modern world. Strong but romantic. You’re Captain America. Your ring is the rose gold wedding band, which has an optimistic rosy hue that’s modern, but with a retro inspiration.



titanium wedding band


You are light-hearted and light-fingered. You may have done things you aren’t proud of in your past but you’ve redeemed yourself by doing the right thing when it counts. You’re Ant-man! Your ring is a titanium wedding band: it’s as light as a feather and won’t weigh you down.



tungsten carbide wedding ring


You have good aim and you’re a straight shooter. Remind me why you’re a superhero? You’re Hawkeye! Your ring is a tungsten carbide wedding ring. It is a super ceramic so it’s almost scratch proof. (Just don’t drop it, it can shatter.)



bangle bracelet

The Incredible Hulk

You transform from a brilliant and studious researcher into an angry green giant on the regular. Although it would be really fun to see you stretch a gold or platinum wedding ring into a bangle bracelet every time you into The Hulk, we’re thinking maybe that could get expensive. So we recommend no ring. Maybe a ring tattoo is right for you?

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