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Coordinating Jewelry with a Particular Outfit

August 14, 2019

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If you love diamond ring designs so much that you have a confusingly varied collection, picking the right items can become a chore. The following tips should help in most such cases.




  • Pick jewelry to match the occasion, as in dress for where you are going to be.
  • Wear busy patterns with simple jewelry; that works all the time.
  • Wear statement earrings that highlight your face.
  • Pick out jewelry that complements your skin tone.
  • If you choose warm jewelry, mix it with cooler colors. Likewise, mix cool jewelry with warmer colors.
  • Natural diamonds are awesome, so prefer them to other gems unless the latter hold sentimental or tactical value.
  • For white pearls, wear sea-colored clothes to match.
  • Try the gold-black-white color combination at least once.
  • Go for cool colors for spring and summer wear.

If in doubt, check out the latest celebrity trends, but make sure you only emulate someone close to you in appearance.

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