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A Brief History of Diamonds

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At the same time, they have also been a symbol of beauty and pride. Below is a brief glimpse into the diamond rings history and some fascinating facts about these sparkling gems.




A Brief History of Diamonds

The word “diamond” originated from Greek and it translates into “unconquerable”. Some of the earliest diamonds to be discovered were from India and they date back to 4th Century BC. These are believed to be transported through the traditional ‘Silk route’ that existed between ancient China and India.

In those times, diamonds were revered for their strength and brilliance. They were also considered with great respect for their ability to refract light and were used to make engravings on metals.

They served many other purposes too, such as being a cutting tool, to ward off evil, and as a protective symbol in the battle. Back then, diamonds were also believed to have healing property when consumed orally.



Until the 18th Century, India was believed to be the only place that produced diamonds. When Indian mines were depleted, the search for an alternate source commenced. In 1871, the Kimberly mines were established and the first large-scale diamond mining operation began, sparking the beginning of a new era in the quest that continues even today.

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