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Our Story

Modern Technology. Timeless Quality.

Based in Los Angeles, RockHer is a direct-to-consumer luxury brand, designing custom engagement rings of exceptional quality and value.

Our Mission

Based in Los Angeles, RockHer is continuously innovating the way you purchase high-end jewelry, that future generations will admire. We think luxury is more than just the final product, it’s in the experience. We surround ourselves with the best designers,craftsmen, and diamond experts in the field to produce jewelry that exceeds the highest industry standards.


“Every engagement ring is made-to-order at our Los Angeles Studio, receiving attention and care to ensure that it is extraordinary and completely unique to you.”

Our Committment to

Ethical Sourcing

Everything we sell at RockHer is made with care in the United States from recycled precious metals and responsibly mined gems. We go beyond the usual Kimberley Process standard to offer diamonds that originate from ethical and environmentally sensitive sources.

The Trusted Source for Diamond Rings

RockHer is proud to be a part of the Responsible Jewelry Council and JVC. We’ve pledged to operate under the highest standards of business practice, complying with all laws applicable to the jewelry industry. We want to make your experience buying with us as transparent and the highest quality as possible.

Innovating Your Online Shopping Experience

RockHer is proud to be at the forefront of eCommerce innovation. Our new 3D ring viewer lets you see all angles of the ring, and our 360 diamond videos show up to 50x magnification.


The World's Only Digital Diamond Expert

ROSI sifts through thousands of high quality GIA-graded diamonds by using a proprietary algorithm enhanced by artificial intelligence. We are perfecting the creativity and the science behind diamond selection with a personal digital gemologist that expertly guides you through what could otherwise be an overwhelming shopping experience.


Meet ROSI’s Creator

As a tech visionary, Adam Stein knew there had to be a way to use technology to streamline the consumer diamond buying experience. ROSI is programmed to find you the best diamond for your budget.


Compare Diamonds

Find the best diamond you can from any site or store and then use our compare tool. Challenge ROSI to run the numbers and find you a more beautiful diamond that’s also a better value.

Meet our CEO

With over 30 years of experience in the Diamond and Jewelry Business, our President and CEO knows what it takes to create a brand that elevates the Diamond Experience for all.