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“Diamond hunting wasn’t something I was experienced with. RockHer made the search for the perfect diamond effortless.”

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“My favorite part is that it’s made here in Los Angeles so that I know it’s not made anywhere else but in my city!”
Cassie and Ben talk about their ring shopping experience and what matters most to them.
“It was so helpful, I don’t think I could’ve done it without Rosi.”
Carlos and Rosie talk about how ROSI influenced their ring buying decision.
“[He] found this absolutely beautiful ring that I love and found the cut that I like and this beautifully clear diamond.”
Mike and Jenny talk about their experience using RockHer and the ring that he found using Rosi.
“He was able to pick a ring that was exactly my style.”
Ed and Isha tell their love story and how RockHer helped them with their ring choice.
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I am so happy with my ring! And I couldn't ask for better customer service, these guys (and girls) are great! Especially Tracy. She went above and beyond to help me and make sure I was happy. And one night when I was having technical difficulties with my devices, she stayed online with me way passed business hours. I think t was passed 8pm when I was finally able to complete my order. Anyway my ring is GORGEOUS and I am sure I won't be shopping anywhere else for jewelry. Thanks guys.
Please don’t have any hesitations with this company. I worked with Teresa and she was absolutely amazing. They seem like a very rapid growing company so you have to possibly allow yourself time before you order but even so the turn around is super fast. I ship them a diamond and they were able to set it in a beautiful setting. This engagement stuff is stressful and these ladies and gents that work here make it so much more less stressful.
Worked over the course of a month during the holidays with the Rockher crew. The experience was really awesome and their team was very helpful and communicative. Would recommend to family/friends. Dont usually leave reviews but I was impressed with Rockher's commitment.

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