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Our Computer is Better at Picking Diamonds Than You Are

Kasparov vs Deep Blue. Jennings vs Watson. You vs ROSI. Let’s face it, it’s time to welcome our computer overlords.

No matter your budget, ROSI, the diamond-picking algorithm based on IBM’s Watson, will crunch the numbers and find you the best diamond at the best value. And if you’ve found a diamond you like, you can challenge ROSI to find you a better one: all you need is the GIA report and the price. How does ROSI do it? Unless you are considering the Hope Diamond or a 100-carat D Flawless, it’s easy for anyone to find you a better diamond somewhere in the world. The trick is to balance all the quality factors with your budget to find a diamond that’s better for you.

That’s Why ROSI Asks

For Your Budget

Armed with that information, plus the detailed measurements included on the diamond’s GIA report, ROSI uses the AI of IBM’s Watson to weigh not only the 4Cs but fluorescence, inclusion position, table percentage and more than a dozen more quality factors of thousands of diamonds in your price range to find the one with the very best balance of quality factors.

Where RockHer comes in is how we taught ROSI to balance all those quality factors. We refined the algorithm with human expertise and generations of professional diamond-buying experience. We trained ROSI in competition with diamond dealer after diamond dealer until ROSI knew how important each factor was for every single diamond shape.

That’s how we know ROSI is ready to take on the competition. And when ROSI wins, you do too.

Why ROSI is Especially Good at

Picking Fancy Shapes

Are you considering a fancy shape diamond? Then you need ROSI even more. When you are shopping for a round brilliant, you can choose a hearts and arrows diamond to be sure you have the best possible cut. (And now, thanks to the RockHer Brilliant Cushion, you can also choose a Hearts and Arrows Cushion Cut.)

But for the rest of the fancy shapes, you need to weigh even more quality factors for the cut than you do for a round brilliant without as much cut information on the grading report.

Length and width ratios and a wider variety of proportions means that there is a wider variety of cut quality for fancy shaped diamonds. Let’s be frank, here: there are a lot more fancy shapes that aren’t well cut out there on the market.

ROSI protects you from buying the diamond version of a lemon by weighing even more cut parameters for fancy shapes, making sure that you buy a diamond with lively sparkle and brilliance that you will love forever.

Insurance Protection

RockHer has partnered with Jewelers Mutual Insurance to make insuring your purchase easy.

Lifetime Warranty

RockHer Lifetime Warranty is limited to the repair and/or replacement at RockHer’s discretion.

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Conflict-Free Diamonds

Our diamonds are sourced only from mines that follow the strictest labor, trade, and environmental standards.