Adam L. Stein is the visionary behind RockHer’s signature diamond experience, the ROSI Intelligent Diamond Buying Algorithm. With a Masters degree in Molecular & Cell Biology from Georgetown University and an undergrad degree from New York University in Neuroscience, Mr. Stein found the diamond buying process to be overly confusing and antiquated. Rosi's algorithm was developed to use technology to streamline and simplify the diamond buying process. Adam had planned on getting his engagement ring from our CEO Jim Vernon who at the time was focused on private client sales, but Adam had an entirely different idea. He got together with Jim and worked with our CEO for two years to develop ROSI, something that would change diamond buying forever.

With extensive experience in the tech world, Adam has been able to push new boundaries in both business and research related to the high-tech, biotech, and nanotechnology sectors. He has been an early stage investor in leading edge biotech companies and regularly consults for institutional financing groups regarding novel technologies and investment opportunities. He has also served as a committee member and advisor to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SBIR program and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Cancer Biomarkers Collaborative

Watch Adam discuss Nano Water Purification on TED Talks

Mr. Stein is also the founder and CEO of Advantageous Systems (ADS), a material science company integrating nanotechnology, chemistry, and biotechnology to produce smart materials with unique functions and characteristics. ADS received multiple grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and participated in novel point-of-care Tuberculosis diagnostic research with financial support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Showing further commitment to helping others, Mr. Stein’s ADS water treatment technologies have moved forward on employing nanomaterials with highly specific targeting and adsorption characteristics to target specific molecules or ions found in contaminated water. The ADS water purification system is a reusable, specific, and inexpensive techanique that removes toxic brine, eliminates fouling of membranes, and reduces electricity demand, greatly reducing the cost of water purification.

Stein’s Advantageous Systems is currently providing safe drinking water to communities of up to 2,000 people in india

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