Engagement ring shopping just got easier.

ROSI Personal Ring Shopper

Set your total ring budget and ROSI will evaluate the tens of thousands of choices and show you the best options for diamond and setting that fit your budget!
At RockHer, we have the best ​artificial intelligence diamond assistant​ in the world: just set your budget and ROSI will find you the best diamond value with a few clicks. The ​ROSI Personal Ring Shopping Tool makes it simpler!
How the ROSI Personal Ring Shopper Tool matches diamonds with ring settings:
Ring Setting
A setting made custom for you
A setting within your budget
The best diamond for you from our AI
A diamond within your budget
Here’s how the world’s easiest custom engagement ring creation tool works:
Set Your Complete Ring Budget
Tell us how much you want to spend for a complete ring: setting + diamond
Shop Easily
Shop our most-loved settings set with diamonds ROSI has selected
Complete Your Order
Your ring is made from scratch with cutting edge CAD/CAM and old-world craftsmanship in our Los Angeles workshop
Our commitment to expert craftsmanship

Like all RockHer jewelry, your ring will still be ​made to order from scratch​ to fit you and your diamond, not taken off the shelf. But now you can more easily find a complete diamond engagement ring that fits your budget, no calculator required.

Made in the USA From the World’s Finest Materials

The Story Behind the Technology

Ring shopping is a daunting process. The team at RockHer who created ROSI’s proprietary algorithm wanted to simplify the shopping experience even further. By combining Rosi’s powerful diamond searching capabilities with your budget, the ROSI Personal Ring Shopper generates rings with the best diamonds available today.

Find your perfect ring

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