1 Carat Round Diamond Ring

The one carat round diamond ring is the traditional engagement ring. With its 58 shining facets, the modern round brilliant cut is engineered to sparkle more than any other diamond cut. The pure circular silhouette of the round brilliant has inspired many ring styles, from the halo diamond ring to the solitaire diamond ring, and the three stone diamond ring. That’s one reason why the round diamond is the most popular choice for engagement rings. You’ll get the best value when shopping for a one-carat round diamond ring online by buying a loose one-carat diamond and then creating your own ring. Using artificial intelligence, the innovative ROSI algorithm, you can find the best balance of beauty and value in a one-carat diamond, independently verified by a GIA diamond grading report. Then we’ll create your one carat diamond ring from scratch in our California workshop, using only recycled gold or platinum and responsibly sourced gems. The result? A one carat round diamond ring that will last for generations with American craftsmanship backed by a lifetime warranty.
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