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1 Carat Marquise Diamond Ring

Ever here the saying that you can’t be too rich or too thin? One carat marquise diamond rings are long and slim and make your fingers look that way too. The shape is named after the lips of the Marquise de Pompadour, who was the mistress of King Louis XV. This elegantly elongated diamond shape is an enticing combination of soft curves and sharp pointed tips. If you love this unusual diamond shape, you should buy a loose diamond online, since jewelry stores will have a limited selection available. Although it can be challenging to find a well-cut one carat marquise diamond, you can rely on ROSI, an intelligent digital gemologist enhanced by the power of IBM’s Watson, to find the very best quality and value. Then you can create your own one carat marquise diamond ring in your favorite engagement ring style. At RockHer we’ll craft your ring from recycled metals in Los Angeles with quality that lasts and a lifetime warranty.
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