1 Carat Diamond Ring Rose Gold

The beautiful pink blush of rose gold adds a touch of romance to a one carat diamond ring. The lovely peach color comes from extra copper mixed in with the gold. At RockHer we offer every engagement ring style we make in recycled 14k rose gold to offer you the most selection in your favorite precious metal. We recommend 14k rose gold over 18k rose gold because it has a more beautiful color and it’s also more durable. We want to make sure that your one carat rose gold diamond ring will last a lifetime. When you are selecting a one-carat diamond for your ring, you can select a diamond with a warmer color than you would for a ring crafted in platinum or white gold, since a slight tint won’t be visible against the warmth of the metal. A one carat diamond with an H or I color will look colorless in a rose gold diamond ring. Once you find the perfect gem, we’ll craft your one carat diamond rose gold ring to order in our California workshop. Making engagement rings one at a time from scratch takes a bit more time but the quality is worth it. Your rose gold one carat diamond ring will be backed by a lifetime warranty.
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