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1/2 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Ring

The most modern of the popular diamond cuts is the princess cut diamond. Princess cut diamond rings are bold and streamlined, with straight sides and four corners. A 1/2 carat princess cut diamond ring is a great value, with a center diamond that is easy to wear every day for an active woman. To make your half-carat princess cut ring more personal, buy your 0.50 carat diamond loose and create your own engagement ring in the exact style you want. At RockHer you can use artificial intelligence to find the 1/2 carat diamond that is the best combination of quality and value. Once you find your diamond, we will create your 1/2 carat princess cut diamond ring from scratch in our California studio from recycled gold or platinum. Your princess cut diamond engagement ring will be crafted to the highest standard to last a lifetime.
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